G. Margaritis Sensei

G. Margaritis Sensei was born in Kastanea, Ioannina and has graduated from ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts).

From 1989 to 1995 he practiced Tai chi cuan -pushing hands- chi gung, belonging in the circle of Master Tiu Bunang. At the same time he was practicing Wu Tai chi under the guidance of Dimitris Pitianoudis and supervision of Master Kumar Frantzis.

In 1995 he became a member of Aikido of Athens, practicing with Janet Clift Sensei (6th Dan Aikikai) and Eamonn Devlin Sensei (5th Dan Aikikai).

He has attended a plethora of seminars in Greece (Yokota sensei, Sugawara Sensei, Kobayashi sensei, Mori Sensei, John Stevens Sensei, etc) and abroad (Chiba Sensei, Fujimoto Sensei, Osawa Sensei, etc).

During spring in 2009 he travelled to Tokyo, Japan where he practiced intensively in the Hombu Dojo of the Aikikai Foundation with the most prominent shihan such as: Watanabe Sensei, Endo Sensei, Yasuno Sensei, Seki Sensei, Miyamoto Sensei.

As of 2005 he belongs in the Group of Teachers of Aikido of Athens and Aikikai Greece. In 2009 he founded the Aikido class at the NTUA, where he taught, along with the Aikido of South Athens.

In October 2016 he attended the 5th International Congress of the Intenational Aikido Federation at Takasaki, Japan where he took part in an exhibition alongside Janet Clift Sensei.

Today, he possesses the 5th Dan and the Title of Shidoin and teaches in Seminars at Nafplio, Salonica, Kalamata and Syros.