What is Aikido

Aikido is a contemporary Japanese Martial Art created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) in early 20th century and means "Path of Harmony".

Like other martial arts, it is a result of the tradition of fighting systems, created with the intent of causing wounds and fatalities in the battlefield. After World War 2 it evolved from Aiki-jujutsu to Aikido and from a fighting system, it became a path of self-fulfillment with worldwide spread and great appeal.


The inspired and insightful martial artist Morihei Ueshiba created an art based on circular and spiralling motions, in perfect harmony with the opponent's movements, making use of their inertia, their force and momentum. The founder himself, after an adventurous life, likened the motions of Aikido to those of planets and stars in the universe.

Practice in Aikido

Practice and discipline, common in every path, both civil and martial, have a positive influence on three levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual

• Practice is co-operational rather than competitive. Every practicioner uses and is used upon an equal number of times every technique shown by the Teacher.

• Oral explanations are limited, so the practitioner develops his observational skills.

• Formality, politeness and strict etiquette are used as tools for the development of concentration and sensitivity beyond the common level.

Effectivity of Aikido

Aikido includes immobilizations, throws and lock-downs, using techniques for the complete control of the attacker and emphasizing principles such as:

• Proper distance from the attacker

• Synchronization with the opponent

• Control of their balance

• The attacker's Weak spots/openings

• Complete estimation of a situation

Benefits of Aikido

Aikido develops every aspect of our physical condition: Balance, mucle tone, stamina, strength, co-ordination, reflexes, flexibility, breath and stance. However, it requires a lot of sweat and commitment. The long and arguous process of learning tests strength of will, and the same time reduces stubbornness and phases out bad habits of both mind and body. through this process, the true strength, clarity of mind and strength of character of the student begin to show.

Spirit of Aikido

Using the co-operational rather than the competitive method of practice in facing hostile situations, we face in a friendly environment our fears, weaknesses and doubts.

Educationally, it's an excellent way for the creation and completion of an individual so as to be in harmony with his environment and life. After long-term practice, clarity of cognition, focused mind, concentration together with relaxation and a broadened conscious develop. Each practitioner realizes that they can possess and stand in their own center, because in an infinite universe, everyone is essentially their own center.